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Privacy Notice – Terms of Use

  1. Every user visiting the websites of the Maniatopoulos Group of Companies is not obliged to register or reveal any data of his/ hers that might be regarded as personal recognition data, such as for example, his/ her name, address and telephone number (Personal Data). The Group does not demand this type of data from the visitor and our websites are informational only. The Group may process some Personal Data through a Processor, which however do not concern the individual as a person, but are only data of more general nature, such as the name of the browser employed, or the measuring of persons visiting the site as a number, for purposes of recording the 'hits' (visits) to the websites of the Group.

  2. Through the websites of the Group the user is offered the possibility to complete a communication form, which he/ she himself/ herself selects to complete, in an attempt to communicate on-line with the companies of the Group for any subject he/ she wishes. It must be pointed out that there are also other means of communicating with the companies of the Group, in which the user is not obliged to register his/ her data in any form whatsoever, i.e. email or telephone. The form for completing the data, should the user opts for using it, can include a field for recording personal data, such as name, email address and telephone number. The Group uses these data for its own use only and towards the better servicing of the user and its communication with him/ her.

  3. The cookies are files with information that a web site transfers to the hard disc of the computer of the user. The use of cookies by the Group has the aim to facilitate the user and to help him/ her to get more familiar with using the Internet. In this manner the Group may recognize the user each time he/ she enters its websites and may facilitate his/ her navigation. The users have the possibility though of adjusting their browsers so that they do not accept cookies.

  4. When the user submits his/ her Personal Data to the website environment of Maniatopoulos Group of Companies, his/ her Personal Data are stored in the database maintained by the Group.

  5. The Processing of Personal Data may relate to various activities in order to support the communication between the user and the Group, as for example are the registration, organization and storage of the Personal Data, their transmission to various departments of the Group and to Processors the Group cooperates with, as well as the adaptation, retrieval, erasure or destruction of the Personal Data.

  6. The Processing of the Personal Data is subject to the present terms and to the relevant provisions of General European Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR), as supplemented by the national legislation.

  7. It is important to be understood that the legal basis for the Processing of Personal Data is the facilitation of communication between the user and the companies of the Group, as well as the effective and prompt provision of information and answers to the user, in a context of mutual trust and good faith.

  8. As a consequence, the Group Processes only the Personal Data that are necessary for the above purposes, as for example are the name and surname of the user and the user’s contact details (e.g. address, email, telephone number).

  9. The retention period of the Personal Data at least coincides with the period of the communication between the user and the Group and with the period required by the applicable legislation or eventual conventional obligation, depending on the case.

  10. The Group will only keep Personal Data that are up-to-date and accurate, it will store, process and delete them by applying the appropriate security rules, it will protect them from loss, misuse or unauthorized access and it will ensure that adequate technical and organizational measures are implemented for the protection of Personal Data.

  11. The Group respects the user’s rights as described by GDPR, as well as any other right provided by the legislation. More specifically, the user has the right to access, update, correct or complete his/ her Personal Data, the right to have them deleted if the retention period is expired, the right to restriction of the processing, the right to portability and the right to object to further processing of the Personal Data, as well as any other right provided by the Law.

  12. The user expressly reserves the right to withdraw consent with regard to the processing of Personal Data at any time, by a simple written statement addressed to the Group.

  13. The user reserves the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.

  14. The Group has appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO) to whom the user may address for the exercise of their rights as follows: Christina Skondras, Phone: (+30) 2610993045, E-mail: dpo@idealbikes.gr, Website: www.idealbikes.net, Postal address: NIKOS MANIATOPOULOS S.A., Kosti Palama & Solonos Str. , Agios Vasileios , 26504 Patras , Greece.




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